State Company (SC) Kazlų Rūdos Training Forestry Enterprise - a state company, that manages, uses and egally disposes state forests under the trust right. Besides, it is engaged in complex forestry activities as well as other activity, provided in the regulation of the Forestry Enterprise.

Kazlų Rūda Forest is the third ne in Lithuania according to the size, for it covers the area of 58.7 thousand ha. Earlier Kazlų Rūda Forest as called Kaunas Forest. Currently it has moved to the southwest from Kaunas for 12 km and stretches for 35 km. In the north it reaches slopes of the Nemunas River, in the south - Ąžuolų Būda, in the east - Skriaudžiai, and in the west - Jankai.

Forests of the SC Kazlų Rūdos Training Forestry Enterprise are very compact from the territorial point of view. The larger part of forests constitutes the main forest bulk. The area of the Forestry Enterprise slightly varied due to different reorganisations that took place in the XXth century. The last growth of the Forestry Enterprise area (1999) is related to the incorporation of the former military forestry, whereas the shrinkage - to the return of forests to earlier owners. In total the Forestry Enterprise manages 36.7 thousand ha of forests, of which 29.3 thousand ha (80 %) are state forests, 5.6 thousand ha (15 %) are private and the ones meant for restitution of the ownership rights and 1.8 thousand ha (5%) - forests of other users.

The Forestry Enterprise is divided into two counties (Marijampolė and Kaunas) and 4 municipalities (Kazlų Rūda, Marijampolė, Kaunas and Prienai). The whole area is divided into 8 forestries: Nova, Braziūkai, Agurkiškė, Šališkiai, Višakio Rūda, Jūrė, Kazlų Rūda, and Bagotoji. The average area is 4,588 ha (3,668 ha - state forests). There are 16 sectors in the Forestry Enterprise. The average area of a sector is 2,294 ha (1,834 ha - state forests).
Forests of the IVth group (exploitable ones) predominate in the SC Kazlų Rūdos Training Forestry Enterprise. They cover 23,754 ha, which form 82.6 % of the total area. Forests of the IIIrd group (protected forests) - 3,983 ha, which is 13.8 % of all forests. Forests of the IInd group (special forests) cover 1,022 ha, which is 3.6 % of the total area.

The area of grown forests is comprised of:

Pinewoods 48%
Fir groves 19%
Birch groves 15%
Black alder groves 18%

Of them: saplings - 22%, middle aged - 51%, growing mature - 10%, and mature - 17%.

The average age of forest stands - 56 years. The average volume of forest stands - 238 ktm/ha, of mature forest stands - 301 ktm/ha, the total running augment - 7.2 ktm/ha.

The Forestry Enterprise includes 4 state and 3 municipal sanctuaries, which cover 1,980 ha of forest area.

Forests of scientific research and training cover around 720 ha of forest area, objects of selection seed growing - 136 ha.

Forest coverage in the Forest Enterprise is 53.9 % (of the municipal area).


VĮ Valstybinių miškų urėdija Kazlų Rūdos regioninis padalinys, Miškininkų g. 1, LT-69421 Kazlų Rūda. Tel. (8 343) 98921, faksas (8 343) 96065, el. p. Įmonės kodas: 132340880. PVM kodas: LT323408811. Bankas: AB SEB, A/S: LT637044060008193524


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